Tesco Real Food

I was part of a small team brought in to audit all recipes on the site (5000+), and later assisted with its day-to-day management including writing web copy, and updating and uploading content. I also audited the Tesco Real Food YouTube channel (which has since been migrated to the new brand channel), and rewrote all metadata and copy for the videos and playlists.

Tesco Brand

I was the social media manager for Tesco from November 2016 to March 2017 - responsible for the Pinterest and YouTube brand channels. 

In February 2017, the brand's Pinterest channel won the People's Choice Award at the Best of Pinterest UK Awards 2017. I also worked on the nationwide Tesco Food Love Stories campaign.

Beauty at Tesco

In 2015 I was the community manager, and later social media manager, for the Beauty at Tesco account. I worked on the consultations campaign with Beauty at Tesco, Rimmel and Google Hangouts.

I wrote number of articles for the Tesco Living website: